Fruits - A must in pregnancy
It is said in pregnancy, you are not eating just for yourself, you are eating for the life inside you. Whatever you intake reaches to the unborn baby. It is very important to eat nutritious, your baby’s growth depends upon the nutrition you provide. Nutritious diet and healthy eating ensures long term health benefits to the mother and the baby. Fruits in your diet in your pregnancy can be beneficial in following ways: - Keeps you Hydrated - Reduces the risk of heart diseases - Limit the calorie intake - Maintain healthy blood pressure - Prevent bone loss - Helps in maintaining weight - Great source of vitamins, which prevents many diseases It is advisable to eat variety of fruits in a day. Think beyond apple and orange, there are plenty of other options to give change to your tongue and nutrition to your diet. With every meal try to eat fruit before taking your meal as different fruit constitute different benefit and in this manner vitamin, fiber, folate requirement of the body is met. The fruits that must be added to your everyday diet in pregnancy

1. Apricot

The yellowish-orange fleshy fruit is one of the healthiest fruit, great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which has mitigate vision problems. it is rich in minerals, potassium, iron and calcium. Calcium provides fetus with proper development of bones. High content of iron helps to prevent anaemia that may cause fatal consequences in pregnancy. Iron facilitate the circulation of blood in the body, preventing anemia Potassium in apricot helps to maintain the fluid balance in the body, ensuring that energy is equally distributed throughout the organs. A healthy balance of electrolytes ensures that you have more energy and stamina to deal with day-to-day activities and potassium is good for forming of muscles in foetus. Apricots contain a high amount of pectin, a soluble fiber, which helps in the treatment of constipation. During pregnancy, women may have problem with her stool. It is often recommended to patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Fiber bulks up the stool, making it easier to transport through the bowels. It activates the peristaltic motion of the digestive tract, regulating the bowel movements. The high levels of fiber in apricot are also vital for colon health. Dried Apricot is a very effective remedy. It is a great source of antioxidant, helps in fighting cancer and improves the immunity Dried Apricot is more effective and beneficial for expecting mothers. Some women have strong carving for eating sweet and they are not advised to eat ice-creams and chocolates as they it may lead to high sugar level. Apricot is sweet in nature, full of natural sugar which may act as substitute to sugar and healthy treat to tongue.
Dried apricots are also known for their diuretic properties which can be opportunely used for the treatment of swellings during pregnancy time. Many pregnant women face problems with teeth, skin, hair, nails during the period of childbearing. Regular including of dried apricots in your diet helps to avoid losing your looks during pregnancy. Expecting women can reap many benefits out of it but make sure the intake do not exceed gms a days as overeating can cause diarrehea. unripe Apricot can cause gastric upset.

2. Avocado

The fruit is the great natural source of folate(folic acid). Folate is needed by fetus for development of her organs. A deficiency of folate can lead to bone deformities in your unborn baby. Intake of folic acid prevents neural defect in the baby. Folic acid helps to prevent complications like depression, lethargy, anemia, insomnia and mood swings. Its calcium content helps to fulfil calcium need of the body as during pregnancy calcium requirement increases to manifold. It is rich source of vitamins. Vitamin B6 helps in managing morning sickness and vitamin C helps improving immune system. It is rich in fiber, fiber is needed by our body for proper digestion. It boosts bowel movement in pregnancy. You need to gain weight during pregnancy. However, you need to do so in a healthy manner. Junk food will just fill your body with fat that you will have trouble burning. This fruit is full of calories and monounsaturated fats. These ‘good’ fats will help you get the needed calories. The saturated fat helps in developing cell structures like the membrane of your baby. As your baby starts growing, millions of new cells are created that consist of membranes made of fat. The fruit contains choline that helps brain development and healthy nerve development of the body. Leg cramps and body aches in very common in pregnancy and it may be give some respite due to presence of potassium. It keeps a check on blood sugar level and cholesterol.

3. Persimmon

It’s a tomato shaped sweet and pulpy is immensely beneficial for the health and its nutritional contents promote growth and development of the newborns and ensure health of the expecting mother. Vitamin A and carotene content helps to improve the eyesight and heart muscles. vitamin C content improves the immunity. Vitamin C is very effective in controlling depression, anxiety and insomnia. The iron content helps to prevent anemia and helps to boost haemoglobin count. The fruit is rich in calcium and Phosphorous which helps to promote the growth and development of bones of unborn and promotes smooth functioning of central nervous system of mother. The Magnesium content present in the fruit is very effective in keeping check of high blood pressure and it also minimise the risk of kidney stone in pregnancy. It is the excellent storehouse of powerful antioxidants, helps to provide mother and foetus protection from cell damage.

4. Guava

It is exceptionally nutritional with high water content and comparatively lower presence of fats and carbohydrates. It is rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C which helps in curing health issues like tooth aches, bleeding gums, ulcer, blood vessels caused during pregnancy. With the presence of laxative properties, the fruit helps to cure constipation and ease bowel movement which is the most common problem women face during pregnancy. The presence of antioxidants and anti-toxin in the fruit, helps fighting germs and infection in the body. Thus, protecting expecting mothers from illness. Magnesium in the guavas helps the nerves and muscles of the body to relax. This is beneficial to pregnant women because with weight gain, the body craves some lightness which this fruit is rich in Vitamin B9 which is crucial in the development of a baby’s nervous system. Eating guavas maintains the blood sugars at a normal and healthy level thus helping to prevent gestational diabetes in pregnant women.

5. Kiwi

Kiwi is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin E and folate. Folate is the most important nutrient for cell formation in unborn. It stimulates cell production and ensures development of vital organs in unborn. A sufficient amount of folate will prevent birth defects like spina bifida, a condition in which spinal cord does not develop completely. It will also prevent from miscarriage. The folic acid in kiwifruit benefits, not just the pregnant woman. It is also great for women who are looking to get pregnant. Kiwifruits help form neurotransmitters, which are important for brain function. The Vitamin C in kiwifruit reduces post pregnancy stretch marks as well. Hormonal changes, mood swings are very common in pregnant women, eating kiwi can help to minimise them. Cough and cold are the most common disease which can deplete the energy of pregnant women which impact the growth of baby in womb. The fiber content in the fruit helps to fight common diseases like cough and cold. It also helps to reduce respiratory problems.

6. Banana

As we know the benefits of folic acid and its importance for pregnant women. Banana contains folate which prevents premature birth and deficiencies in new borns. Anemia in pregnant women is a common thing. One result is a pregnant mother anemia can cause complications during the late stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Thus requiring the benefits of sufficient iron to meet its needs. Bananas contain an average of 3% of iron in 225 grams of bananas. So that the iron in bananas able to produce hemoglobin to reduce anemia. In Bananas contain vitamin B6 is a vitamin that dissolves in water. Vitamin B6 can help improve the development of central nervous system cells in the fetus. With the right amount of vitamin B6 will reduce morning sickness. Adding Banana to the diet helps in growth of red blood cells which helps in increasing the haemoglobin level in the body. Pregnant women often experience heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy, it will cause the fetus to grow will be more pressure on the stomach. Eat healthy foods for pregnant women, will alleviate these difficulties. Banana contains an antacid that will suppress acid secretion. Bananas are also rich in pectin which helps normalize digestion in the intestine mortilitas. Usually women lose lot of fluid in diarrhhea, potassium content in the fruit can help cure it as it solidify the stool. Benefits for pregnant women banana is a fruit that is rich in protein. Proteins serve as a source of calories and also for the formation of antibodies to the fetus and the mother. Snack with bananas are a good choice for pregnant women, lack of protein can cause the risk of babies born with a cleft lips. Banana increases the appetite, pregnant women need to eat more to maintain healthy level of energy. Banana helps to reduce obesity in women after childbirth as it increases the metabolism process.

7. Pomegranate

The fruit offers multiple benefits and its juice is considered to be the most healthiest for pregnant women. During your pregnancy, ensuring that you have sufficient amount iron in the body is one of the most important things to do. When you are suffering a lack of iron during your pregnancy, it will lead to the risk of anemia. This anemia, if untreated well, will bring some serious problems for your baby’s health, such as premature labor or your baby will born in such a low weight.. Pomegranate is one of the fruit that contains perfect amounts of iron. Great source of vitamin C which helps in improving immunity, repair tissues. Heal wounds quickly which is more beneficial after birth when women body demand recovery. This vitamin will help your body to make collagen, which is a structural protein to keep you and your baby’s bones become stronger and healthier. Vitamin C is vital for mental development of the baby. Pomegranates is rich of vitamin K which is vital in curing blood clot and strengthening baby’s bones, Deficiency of this vitamin can cause excess bleeding after birth. Its potassium content helps to cure leg cramps and it helps the muscle to contract which is required at the stage of child birth. Pomegranate fruit contains high amounts of phytochemical compounds. This component is essential to fight against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. During your pregnancy, it is very important to maintain your blood pressure. During last stage of pregnancy, blood pressure rises suddenly and this is not good. Eating pomegranate fruit helps to lower the blood pressure and also it protect expecting mother from serious problem associated with pre-eclampsia during your pregnancy.
During the pregnancy, brain will be at risk due to lack of oxygen which will lead to problems such as premature labor and developmental irregularities. Eating pomegranate will be the best way to protect expecting mother from it. Pomegranate is also one of the juiciest fruits that contains a lot of water, something that is essential to keep expecting mother hydrated during your pregnancy.

8. Orange

Craving for food increases in pregnancy and orange is the healthiest fruit to take. It is loaded with nutrition that provide good health to pregnant women. High source of vitamin C helps in improving immune system, fighting common diseases like cough and cold, It also helps in the release of iron and zinc from other foods, which are vital to strengthen the immune system of not just the mother but also of the baby. Higher intake of vitamin C during pregnancy can reduce the risk of an infant's allergic disease and assist in keeping the baby's brain healthy Oranges can contribute to the daily fluid intake. It also provides potassium and sodium that maintain the fluid balance in the keeps the body hydrated. The citrus fruit, orange, is a good source of folate. Folate is a beneficial vitamin for mothers to-be. It is useful for the formation of red blood cells and new tissues. It also assists in the development of the placenta. Consuming oranges on a daily basis during pregnancy can increase the pH value of urine. It also increases the citric acid excretion from the body. Therefore, this citrus fruit can be regarded as a great remedy to treat a kidney stone problem. orange controls the mood swings and many pregnant women enjoy the fruits and it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Lots of potassium is contained in orange. Potassium is needed to strengthen blood vessels and the heart. A pregnant woman experiences a large load on the cardiovascular system. The circulation may be broken due to fetal development, rebuilding the entire circulatory system. These fruits are in this case very useful. They will supply the heart with vital substances and will decrease the pressure.

9. Apple

Apple plays a vital role in increasing the appetite of expecting mother. Sometimes expectant mothers lose their appetizer because they suffer from nausea. Meanwhile, in the early phases of pregnancy, expectant mothers should have nutritious intake. If the expectant mothers have less nutritious intake, the baby will experience the same thing, too. Therefore, it is important to have a good eating habit. Green apple or produced product of green apple is good for increasing appetizer. Pain is another common problem of expectant mothers. The womb is growing bigger and give certain pressures to expectant mothers. This makes expectant mothers will easily get tired. Consuming green apple during the early phase of pregnancy is good for reducing the pain. It cannot cure the pain but it will minimize it so expectant mothers will always look fit and healthy. The stomach of expectant mothers is very sensitive. This is because the gastric acid is increasing that lead to nausea. Consuming apple regularly is the natural way to overcome that problem. The nutrition in apple can level down the gastric acid. A bit sour taste in apple is good to reduce the nausea. Therefore, consuming apple regularly is good for the first period of pregnancy where the case of nausea often comes. Generally, premature birth is caused by the massive bile secretion that eventually lead to complication. Green apple is good for reducing the risk of premature birth. Besides, it is good for delivering process. consuming apple regularly can overcome asthma and prevent our lungs. Expectant mothers who regularly consume apple are not only protecting themselves but also their baby The chewing process makes their face muscles keep moving as if they join facial gymnastics. This movement prevents their face from wrinkles and tired face. Apple can prevent Alzheimer because it contains asetikolin or the substance that delivers the message among the nerve cells. Consuming apples regularly during pregnancy will maintain the children’s memory and prevent them from Alzheimer.
Each fruit plays a vital role in maintaining good health for expecting mother and the baby growing inside the womb. The benefit of any food can only be reaped if it is consumed in a rational manner.

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