• April 26, 2016
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Skin Aging can keep the hold in every ones life and a person can’t keep away from this natural process. But we can minimize the effect of skin aging by several ways. We all want to look younger from our age, but we can’t ignore our age. Now a day we used to eat fast food more than natural fruits due to lack of time and stressed full life.

Our skin starts getting older after 20’s, it shows aging effects on our skin. Skin needs collagen and elastin to remain young. With the age these proteins go away and skin loses its elasticity.

There are natural ways which we can do at home with simple recipes:

1. Honey

Honey is the natural source, which one finds  in everybody’s home. For dry skin, it is the best source for moisturizing. Honey is the great source of Potassium and vitamin B. It helps to remove dead skin and lighten up the age spots. Take a pure honey and apply the same in the clean face. After 15 mins wash off with lukewarm water.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon is rich in citric acid, it helps to lighten the skin. Proper Application of Lemon to your skin can remove dead skin and increase the elasticity. With the help of cotton, apply the lemon juice into your face. Keep that about 30 minutes and wash off with water.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has numerous nutrients which skin needs. It is the best source to fight against acne, pimples and reduce excess oil. One can cut the leaf and take the gel from the leaf. Apply it on the face, message it for 20 mins and then wash off with water. For best results,  do this procedure once in a week.

4. Fenugreek

It helps to treat various ailments and one can easily find in the kitchen. Vitamin B3 and the niacin helps in regeneration of new cells. Take the Fenugreek paste with honey. Apply it on the face and neck for at least one hour. It helps to reduce the age spots.

5. Olive Oil

It helps to remove wrinkles and tightening sagging skin. Olive oil has natural fatty acids that nourishes the skin. For younger and glowing skin, one must use olive oil. Before going to bed, Take a few drops of olive oil into your palm. Apply it on the face and wash it off in the morning for best results.