Find out six easiest ways to treat dementia!

  • September 11, 2017
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You always want your beloved ones to remain hale and hearty forever, right?

However, there are some disorders like dementia which can affect their memory with the increase in age. Though, many types of dementia are incurable, still you can help them in the management of its symptoms. Here you will find out how you can lend a helping hand to your beloved seniors in this phase of theirs lives.

   1. Focus on their diet:

There are a number of dietary supplements, herbal solutions and remedies for people suffering with dementia. Some of which really prove to be beneficial. However, it’s mandatory to be very careful while consumption of these dietary supplements or vitamins especially when you are undergoing other medications too. In case of the seniors suffering with depression, anti-depressants can be given to them which must be prior prescribed by an experienced doctor.

 2.  Make them work out:

Working out is a brilliant way to keep your beloved’s body and mind healthy and helping them reduce sugar. According to various studies, it has been clearly proved that people who work out on a daily basis are fit, healthier, consume a healthy balanced diet, and can uphold theirs physical and mental health for a prolonged time period

3. Psychiatric therapy:

This is a special kind of procedure to understand one’s way of behaving. It is generally brought into practice to look after the change in their mood swing. It might include showing aggression or possessing a socially unsuitable demeanour. Many other steps include making tasks like dressing simpler, or lessening down the amount of work in the surroundings for avoidance of confusion and anxiety.

4. Environmental variations:

A little change in the environment can result in increase in well-being and relief. On the other hand, it also helps in decreasing stress. Lowering down the noise makes it comfortable for the patients suffering dementia to concentrate or focus on something. Some of the homely safety measures include hiding or keeping instruments such as sharp knives, hazardous chemicals, tools out of their reach. Give them a soothing environment to help them remain calm.

5. Make their brains exercise:

This is another efficient way which would keep their minds busy. Making them to solve various brain activities like puzzles and crosswords help them in measuring the dementia symptoms. These puzzle exercises act upon various sections of the brain and basically their mind will have to work out more by remembering a lot of matter. Thus, it increases the memory capacity. These activities also tend to promote one’s reasoning and problem solving abilities which are the first basic things to be attacked in case of dementia. Encouraging these brain portions will certainly result in healthy brains muscles and nerves.

6. Behavioral therapy:

These types of therapies try to figure out the reasons which lead to different behaviors. Accordingly, different plans are adopted to deal with the same. A Behavior therapy can be used to treat most of the behavioural problems that are in relation with dementia, such as stress, depression, aggression and over thinking. It is generally given by an experienced friend or a family member, but is governed by a healthcare expert.

With these six simple ideas you can fight back this disorder, and help your elderly be fit in those days of life.