Expecting mommy and heels

  • July 10, 2018
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Expecting moms are concerned about wearing heels without giving any harm to unborn inside them. Women specially working women likes to wear high heels with the formal dress. Women prefer to wear high sharp heels with their fabulous flary fairy tale dress for weddings or Stiletto with mini dresses for night parties. To wear or not to wear heels may be a question you may be asking during your pregnancy? And if you are wearing it regularly then it may be difficult for you to let go of your tall statement.

It is not NO to heels when you are expecting. Heels and height do not disturb your baby but doctors advise to give some rest to your heels during your pregnancy. It is always better to be safe and extra careful when it comes to the unborn. Slightest of trip and imbalance can lead to fatal outcome. The unborn is very sensitive to mommy’s movement. During Pregnancy the center of gravity changes for a woman and she becomes less steady on toes. Heels may discomfort you and may put you in certain risks.

When you wear heels for a long time, your calf muscles are in a contracted position. This leads to cramps in the muscles, which may be aggravated during pregnancy.

High heels are supposed to alter your posture. Your pelvic muscles are bent forward, giving a rounder shape to your back.

You will gain a considerable amount of weight around the front during pregnancy and this change in posture will cause pain.

The ligaments in lower back and legs are loosened during pregnancy. Wearing heels puts excess pressure on the pelvic and back joints, since the support is not proper. This results in aches around joints and ligaments of lower back and pelvic area.

The strength in your ankles is likely to reduce due to excess weight and hormonal changes in the body. This is a common reason that will lead to lower balancing capacity.

When you are wearing heels, there will be higher probability of losing balance and tripping over, causing injury to you and your unborn child.

Wearing high heels especially in the late pregnancy can cause swollen feet.

More fluid will be accumulated in the lower part of your body and along with swelled feet you might also experience pain. In the third trimester when your belly is at its biggest, safety comes into play, too. At this point, your center of gravity will be so off kilter that you may find it increasingly difficult to balance in high heels.

A pregnant woman wearing high heels is always at a higher risk of having a miscarriage. The pregnancy is threatened due to the risk of falling or twisting. So, why to be at danger by wearing high heels.

Make pregnancy an excuse to go on shoe shopping.

Avoid stilettos, platform heels or kitten heels. The thinner the heels, the lesser support your body will get, making it all the more difficult to maintain balance.

If you have to wear heels during the entire day, try to take short breaks. Take them off for a while, relax your feet and then put them on again. Wearing wedge heels during pregnancy is not a good idea because there will be increase in body weight, shape and center of gravity changes affecting your walking. Also, ligaments will be looser which may lead to muscle strain and joint instability.

At parties or outings, avoid walking or standing for longer durations in high heels. If you have to wear them to get the perfect look, try to sit around most of the time

Pregnancy is the most crucial and sensitive time for a woman. The body of a women is at the peak of being extra careful and cautious. Kitten Heels and stilettos make give you sexy and stylish look but pregnancy comes the time when being stylish takes the back step to the care of yourself and unborn inside you. Give your body comfort instead of pain and tiredness. Avoid wearing Heels for the sake of maintaining body balance to avoid risk of falling and causing harm to yourself and the unborn. Try wearing comfortable shoes which gives you feet comfort and cushion to avoid strain to your muscles and joints.

A healthy pregnancy leads to healthy birth and healthy mommy.