Eight healthy benefits of massage

  • June 14, 2016
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Massage makes us happy from our busy schedule. Many Massage therapy’s are available in the market. After a tough work schedule, you need to focus on your body and mind needs. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to fulfill your all body and mind needs. It makes you relaxed and stress free. However, the other health benefits of Massage therapy, which are given below can help you to become energetic and healthy.

1. Relax your body and mind: Most of people prefer to go for a body massage just because to relax their mind and body. After a long working schedule, everyone wants to feel relaxed and fresh, and massage therapy is an excellent way for that. It can help to get relief  from the pain by healing damaged muscle tissues. It also improves blood circulation in the muscles.

2. Increase flexibility:  Massage therapy is very helpful to increase the body flexibility. It helps to tone your muscles by stretching with precise pressure applied on your muscles. It can also improve the functionality of muscles and body, and make a person’s body more flexible and comfortable.

3. Headache Relief: Most of us are suffering from migraine headaches due to many reasons such as a busy schedule, full working day, personal issues, stress, health diseases and so many more. But it is very important to reduce it, otherwise it will become a big issue in the future and can lead to several other major diseases. In Annals of Behavioral Medicine, researchers found that a person who received massage therapy had fewer migraine than persons who didn’t. It can also provide better quality sleep and more relaxation.

4. Reduces anxiety: Today’s the problem of anxiety becomes a very serious issue. Many of us are suffering from this problem of worry, nervousness or unease about something. When we face any hard or difficult task or any problem, anxiety used to come easily.  Massage therapy helps extremely in reducing anxiety and make a person feel light and fresh. It can reduce anxiety by lowering levels of stress hormone, cortisol and increasing the happiness hormone in the human body.

5. Improves health: Massage therapy helps in improving the functionality of every body part properly. Each body part has relaxed points and massage helps to activate certain glands making them function properly and release of certain hormones. The oil massage is the best way to stay healthy by improving the blood circulations and mental ability.

6. Beats body pain: Massage is very helpful to get rid of body pain, especially back pain that usually occurs due to long sitting.  It relieves mild to moderate body ache by focusing on the back muscles and nerves. But, if a person  did not get rid of the pain, it means he or she need a consultation with a health care professional.

7. Keep your skin healthy: Massage can help you to hydrate your skin by removing dead skin cells and stimulate new skin growth. It can also remove the dirt while rubbing oil on your body. It can not only clean up your skin, but also brighten up your skin and removed tanning.

8. Helps in Mood Swings: It’s a very common benefit because when we feel relaxed and fresh, then automatically it can improve our mood. It can help to get relief from  stress. It also provide a quality sleep that calm our mind and mood.