Effective Remedies for Jaw Pain

  • May 12, 2016
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There can be a number of factors can lead to Jaw Pain. It can be fractured, Arthritis, misalignment, dental abscess and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). In case of any Jaw problems one need to consult a doctor for the same.  Jaw pain can lead to serious disease like heart pain or heart attack and angina. There are certain remedies one can take while treating Jaw pain by grinding teeth.

1.Understanding the cause of teeth grinding

There are many causes that doctors recognize for teeth grinding. It can occur anytime, whether a day or night includes

-Unpleasant emotions (stress, frustration, anger and anxiety)
-Ear pain
-Incoming teeth in children
-Complications caused by certain degeneration disorder
-Sleep related complications
-Misaligned lower and upper teeth

2.Treat Your Teeth

If teeth grinding causing severe jaw pain. You can consult your doctor for the treatment. You can use a mouth guard. Especially experiencing bruxism at night. Wearing a mouth guard designed to prevent  can help to keep your upper and lower teeth separated. It can reduce the pain and damage caused by grinding.

3. Treat the underlying cause of bruxism

Extreme emotions or behavioral changes cause bruxism. You have to treat the emotional and behavioral changes to treat it.

-You can try stress management exercises
-Try therapy to address issue like
-Muscle relaxers may help to ease the tension and treat the pain

4. Make lifestyle changes

Dealing with stress will help to reduce the pain. You can listen to music, avoid caffeine and can enjoy the herbal tea. Avoid tobacco and alcohol.  You have to consult the doctor as soon as you find the problem.