Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

In the United States, near about 30 million men have been affected by Erectile Dysfunction. It is commonly called “impotence.” It is a condition in which a man get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Symptoms may also include shortened sexual desire or libido.

According to the National institutes of health, almost half of men over age 15 experience Erectile Dysfunction. Men who have an issue with their sexual execution might be hesitant to converse with their doctor, considering it to be a humiliating issue. However, present day solution has uncovered various medications and mental clarifications for erectile dysfunction, including the possibility of serious underlying conditions that it is important to address.


Old age: Most of the old age men experience erectile dysfunction than younger men. There are mainly two reasons why older men are more likely diagnosed with this problem. First, everyone knows that old age people are big basket of multiple diseases, such as heart, angina, cardiovascular, strokes, diabetes, blood pressure, all that are associated with erectile dysfunction. Secondly, the aging process alone can cause of ED in some men, mostly by decreasing the compliance of the tissues in the corpora cavernosa. Although it is not proven, that it also decreases the production of nitric oxide in the nerves that supply the corporal muscle within the penis.

Diabetes mellitus: If you have a diabetes problem, then it can lead to blood vessel and never damage that hamper sexual performance. It can develop 10 to 15 years earlier in diabetic men than the non diabetic men. The risk of ED increase among diabetic men mellitus may be due to the earlier onset and larger severity of atherosclerosis that narrows the arteries and reduces the delivery of blood to the penis. When less blood is delivered to the penis, it becomes difficult to achieve an erection. Smoking, obesity, poor control of blood glucose and having diabetes for a long time can increase the risk of ED in people.

High blood pressure: Those people who have a high blood pressure (hypertension), increases the risk of developing erectile dysfunction in their body. Essential hypertension is a common form of hypertension. It is not clear that Essential hypertension is the cause of ED. However, those people are diagnosed with essential hypertension have been found to contain low production of nitric oxide by the arteries of the body.

Cardiovascular diseases: Cardiovascular diseases directly affect the blood vessels. The common cause of Cardiovascular diseases in the U.S is atherosclerosis; the narrowing and hardening of the arteries reduce the blood flow. Atherosclerosis affects the arteries during the body and aggravated by hypertension, high blood cholesterol, smoking and diabetes mellitus. When the arteries to the penis and the pelvic organs are narrowed by atherosclerosis, insufficient blood is delivered to the penis to achieve an erection. There is a close connection between the severity of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries and ED. Most of the doctors suggest that men with new ED should be evaluated for silent coronary artery disease.

Nerve or spinal cord damage: Spinal cord and brain injury is also a cause of erectile dysfunction. Because they interrupt the transfer of nerve impulses from the brain to the penis. Pelvic surgery, also developed the erectile dysfunction because surgery of the colon, prostate, bladder may damage the nerves and blood vessels which are involved in the erection.

Substance abuse: Consumption of heroin, cocaine, alcohol, crystal meth and marijuana contribute to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol drinking can damage the nerve and lead to shrinking of the testicles and lower testosterone levels in the body.

Depression and anxiety: Depression and anxiety may be responsible for the erectile dysfunction development. These causes are stress, anxiety, depression, guilt, low self esteem, fear of sexual failure and so on. In these problems you get many medicines for treatment and other psychiatric disorders may cause ED problem.

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