Breast Cancer – Symptoms & Causes

  • April 30, 2016
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In the US it is the second most common cancer that every other woman has. Most important part of the breast is lobules, which is made by glands. Lobules are made up with milk and a thin tube which is called ducts. It is used to carry milk from the lobules to the nipple. There are several symptoms of breast cancer are as follows:

– A lump in a breast

– A swelling

– Rash around one of the nipple

– Change in the size of the breast

– Change in the shape of breast

– Redness around the skin of the breast

– The Skin of the nipple started to peel, scale and flake

– Pain in the armpits or breast, which is not related to the menstrual Cycle.

Breast cancer begins in the cells in the duct and other tissue in the lobules. Number of cases is more in females, where invasive cancer is most common in females. Generally, symptoms can be derived from patient itself. It can occur in both men and women, but we find this rarely in men.

There are causes of breast cancer you have to look upon:

1. The risk of getting breast cancer is higher in case of older women. Mainly 80% of women can get the breast cancer who are aged above 50.

2. Genetics, plays an important role. Majorly breast cancer is not from the genes. Women carry some genes which have higher risk than men, i.e. BRCA1 and BRCA2.

3. Women have breast cancer early are likely to have risk in the future.

4. Sometimes with menopause (Irregular periods), women are likely having the risk of breast cancer.

5. Height of the women also matters sometimes, a taller women have higher risk than an average woman has.

6. The more Alcohol, women drink is more likely to have breast cancer.

7. HRT (Harmonal Replacement Therapy), in any forms, whether combined or estrogen. HRT increases the risk of breast cancer.

8. Obesity, post menopausal obese and overweight women may have a higher risk of breast cancer.

9. Certain jobs, if the women work in the night prior to first pregnancy has the chance of getting breast cancer.

10. Dense Breast tissue, also plays a major role of getting breast cancer.