Best tips to deal with Jet Lag

  • May 16, 2016
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Jet Lag is a temporary sleep problem, which is occurred by quick travels across multiple time zones or disturbance in body’s internal clock. It is a physiological condition which upset your internal clock or circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms tell us when to sleep and when to stay awake. There are easy steps which prevent the jet lag problem.

Tips to deal with jet Lag:

1. Prepare your body, according to your new destination time. Push your schedule in hours forward or back, depending where you are going.

2. Take a full sleep before you are going to travel to another location.

3. Always try to hydrate your body on the flight. Dehydration is also a one reason of jet lag. Dry air of the plane is the main reason of dehydration. Keep drinking plenty water during the flight and stay away from any beverages with alcohol and caffeine in them.

4. When you get on the plane, set your watch as soon as possible according to the new destination. This helps to mentally prepare for new time zone.

5. If you’re arrived the place in the daylight, then don’t sleep on the plane or if place time is night then you try to sleep in the plane with plug your ear phone, eye shades.

6. Move around regularly in the plane to keep the blood circulating which will help you feel better.

7. If you will be a need of sleep while on the plane. Go for first class or business class seats that provides better facilities for passengers to sleep.

8. Avoid taking airplane food, since it’s generally served on a schedule that’s your leaving. It is not the one you’re going to. If you’re hungry, eat light food  until you arrive at your destination.

9. When you arrive, then start eating light and three time meal related to the new time zone. If it is daytime at your destination, eat healthy and protein rich breakfast.

10. You can go for a walk or exercise, because through exercise you can boost your Endorphins or stretch your body  from a long time flight.

11. If you feel very tired then you can take a short time sleep for relaxing your body. To fresh your Stressless mind it is important. After short sleep you can spend your time as usual day.

12. Sometimes in the night your body takes  time to go to bed, as per  new time zone.  It is normal process So don’t worry.