Back Pain- Cause and Symptoms

  • April 26, 2016
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Back Pain is a common problem faced by every second adult. It generally felt in the lower back and can become serious if not cured timely. Lower back area can be called as lumber area. It basically includes tissues, structural support. It can cause due to some injury or muscle strain. There are certain causes such as:


Poor posture due to long hours sitting

Lack of exercise

Muscle Strain

Improper Iifting

Result of some awkward movement

Muscle Spasm

According to the reports, almost 80% Americans feel it once in their life time. It is more common in the age between 35 to 55.

This is the serious problem one can go through. One has to consult a doctor, if feel pain in the back. Lower Back Pain includes many factors one has to take proper consultation to get treated properly with the core problem.

Symptoms Of Back Pain

There are certain signs usually you will feel in back pain. If you feel the below mentioned symptoms of back pain, It is the warning sign. Look into the symptoms:

Any recent injury in the back

Any kind of Swelling in the back

Pain down in the legs

The Pain reaches the knees or below it

Urinary Incontinence (Small amount pees)

Passing Urine hard


Weight loss

Numbness around anus, buttocks and genitals

Continuous pain or intolerable pain