7 Amazing Health Benefits of Kick Boxing

  • June 12, 2017
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Kick boxing is a popular fitness regimen that carry traits of several aerobic and equipment workouts into one set. Learn the key benefits of kickboxing for your health.

Over the years, kick boxing has been established as a breakthrough fitness regimen among the general public. This is thanks to the level of intensity and heart pumping cardio involved in the process which gives both shape and stamina.

Kick boxing is comprised of martial arts inspired forms of exercises that provide you a full body workout. It is a great way to change up your workout routine and test your fitness level.

Whether you are a newbie or long time gym rat, performing a kickboxing workout at least once per week can help you boost your energy level, melt fat and improve your endurance:

1. Weight Loss

The number one benefit of kick boxing is that it keeps you in a shape by melting extra fat. It is a high power cardio routine that can burn more than 800 calories per hour.

2. Strength Building

Kickboxing is comprised of punches and kicks, meaning that the workout strengthens your upper and lower body muscles. Practicing kicking properly makes your hamstrings stronger while abdominal muscles are strengthened from the various positions used to perform many of the moves.

3. Cardiovascular Improvements

Another benefit of kickboxing is that it promotes cardiovascular fitness as you need to move throughout the workout quickly. It speeds up the heart rate and blood circulation as you jump, weave and bob through kicks and punches.

4. Time Savings

Being a total body workout, kickboxing provides you the benefits of several workouts into one routine. This helps you to save time. Kickboxing is an efficient use of your time for the body. One workout is enough to improve your cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, flexibility, strength building, endurance and body composition.

5. Self Defense

Now this is the benefit no other workout can give you. Kick boxing is all about excelling in the art of fighting. Kicking and punching are important self defense skills that develop while learning kickboxing.

Kickboxing is based on the forms of traditional martial arts that can help you when needed. Performing kickboxing on punching bag can help you learn how to judge the distance of your moves.

6. Stress Reduction

It also helps you relieve your stress and frustrations. High intensity workouts like cardio kickboxing restores endorphins lost when the body becomes stressed.

7. Better Posture

Kickboxing workouts also help you to improve your posture as it challenges many muscle groups that don’t get enough attention throughout the day. It targets your core muscles lining around your abdominal wall.

These are 7 great health benefits you get with kickboxing. Make sure to choose a good kickboxing gym where you can find experienced trainers to help you get started.