5 Easy Ways to Balance Your Diet Magnificently

  • July 19, 2017
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Fruits and vegetables indeed build a strong base for a healthy diet. However, it is not recommended to live on produce alone because to get all the nutrients right, you also require to eat whole grains, fish, lean meat, beans and healthy fats.

There is no such day in your life when you don’t hear someone talking about a super food or new diet chart. With so much to follow, it becomes little daunting sometimes. However, food and nutrition should not be a rocket science for you instead it’s quite simple, you just have to eat whole foods and listen to what your body says. Here we have listed down a few steps which you should consider to balance your diet perfectly:
1. Divide your Plate: We have one question to make. Does your plate look more like A or B? Whatever your answer is, you must aim to model your plate after B. satisfying yet low calories vegetables fill half the plate and then other half could be divided into 2 equal portions where one is filled with starchy vegetable and other one with a lean protein.

2. Calculate you’re Calories: Certainly, having a balanced diet is not about just getting enough of particular nutrients like Vitamin C and beta carotene; however it’s also about eating the right number of calories whatever your size is.

3. Eat What You Want And When You Want To: If you are craving a burger, then go ahead and eat it but instead of going to a restaurant, make your burger at home. Now, if your lunch break is at noon it does not mean you must eat at that time. If you are hungry at 11:00 a.m. go ahead and eat your lunch. So, the bottom line is to listen to your body and eat whenever you feel hungry.

4. Portion Control: Portions are not at all simple to decipher but if you see the tasty food on plate and you don’t want to let it go to waste then save the rest for the next day.

5. You are What you Eat: This phrase would make more sense if it said, “If you want a simple life, eat simple foods and live happily”. For a complicated life, you can select foods with ingredients you cannot pronounce. It’s completely your choice whether you want your life free from complications or not.