5 Beauty Products must have in your Handbag

  • June 9, 2017
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A woman of today’s life doesn’t need many products. It is essential to carry certain products for comfortable travelling. Women love to keep handbag all day long. You should keep all your beauty essentials in your handbag. So that whenever you feel you need them. You can always use them. There are minimum five products which must have in your makeup stash.

  1. Moisturizer

A sheer moisturizer is a base for any makeup. For travelling or otherwise also women should keep a moisturizer in their handbag. It could be as simple as coconut oil or any fancy cream. Moisturizer plays an important role for healthy looking skin.

  1. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is an important product to add an extra tint to your lips. For ready to go look, all you need a lip balm or lip gloss or lipstick.  To get rid of chapped lips and to keep them hydrated, you must have SPF handy hydrated lip balm. Whenever you feel like you need an extra touch up in travelling or you are exhausted while working long hours or you have dry lips. You should keep at least on lip balm for  a day in your handbag. Light pink shade is suited to every skin shade is a must to keep in your handbag.

  1. Face wash

A great face wash is a source of healthy looking skin.  You are going out for a day or you are working women. All you need a right face wash for your skin in your handbag. You stay out for a long day. Whenever you feel you are feeling low or dull or unhealthy skin. Just take five minutes for washing your face and you will feel great. Your skin will become clear and you feel good.

  1. Sunscreen

Especially in summers, taking a stroll in the summer without sunscreen is not the right idea. You have to put some small amount of sunscreen lotion, spray or cream with high amount of SPF.

  1. Wet Tissue

Wet wipes has natural ingredients prove to be useful when don’t have excess water or time to freshen up. Always carry wet wipes in your bag. In summers you can’t step out without a wet wipe.